13) Muckle Ado, April 27, 1988.

Recorded in Edinburgh.


Bonnie Lassie I'll Lie Near Ye [Child 299] (see text)

Johnny Lad (see text)

You Won't Get Me Down in Your Mine (see text)

Can't You Dance the Polka? (see text)

Weave and Spin (see text)

Maggie Blair (see text)

Sound the Pibroch (see text)

Coulter's Candy (see text)

Farewell Ye Colliery Workers (see text)

Willie MacBride (see text)

The Road tae Dundee (see text)

Dumbarton's Drums (see text)

Whiskey in the Jar [Laws L13A] (see text)

Lord of the Dance (see text)

Side by Side (see text)

Read and Write (see text)

Barrett's Privateers (see text)

(?) (see text)

American Pie (see text)

Farewell to Nova Scotia (see text)

The Boxer (see text)

MacPherson's Rant (see text)

The Irish Rover (see text)